How StandIn Works

StandIn is a location-based app that matches lawyers with other lawyers, agents and legal professionals for court appearances. Using StandIn, you can find trusted legal professionals to help manage court appearances and market yourself to other lawyers in our community. StandIn processes payment in the application and allows users to leave reviews based on their experience in the transaction. We know you are going to love it.

If you have any questions or are interested in beta testing StandIn in your jurisdiction, feel free to email with your information and one of our team members will be happy to assist.




StandIn is a location-based application that allows lawyers to request and assign other lawyers and legal professionals to make court appearances on their behalf. With StandIn, a lawyer can easily see who is going to the courthouse, or who is at the courthouse right now, and request that a licensed professional “Stand In” for them.

There are two ways a legal professional can use StandIn

Direct Requests
A user directly requests a StandIn to attend an appearance on their behalf.

  • The user opens the application and finds StandIns who are currently at or near the courthouse.
  • Once a user directly requests the StandIn for an appearance, a notification goes to the StandIn who can then accept or reject the request.
  • Once the StandIn accepts the request, the StandIn contacts the lawyer to obtain necessary documents and instructions.
  • Once the StandIn completes the appearance and the assigning lawyer is notified that the appearance has been completed, the lawyer authorizes payment and pays the StandIn. Payment is processed through the application and then both the lawyer and the StandIn complete the review.

Open Requests

The other way a user can obtain a StandIn is with our open request feature. With an open request, a StandIn can be booked weeks in advance.

  • The user clicks "New Open Request".
  • The user provides general details about the appearance and posts it on our database.
  • StandIns can then see the requests and openly bid on the request by setting their own rates.
  • The user then selects a StandIn and once the bid is accepted, a notification is sent to the StandIn.
  • The StandIn then completes the appearance and once the user is satisfied that the work has been done, payment is processed in the application and both parties complete the review.

A StandIn is a person who is “Standing In” for another lawyer or paralegal at court. Depending on the jurisdiction, a StandIn can be another lawyer, articling student, paralegal or an agent.

Yes, a StandIn has the freedom to set their price and to agree up front on the fees to be charged.

StandIn is in no way a law firm. StandIn is a technology application that connects lawyers to other legal professionals. StandIn does not offer legal advice or provide attorneys for any legal matters.

StandIn will indicate your current location if the app is open and location services enabled. This way a lawyer can see if you are currently near a courthouse and can request you. If the app is not open, StandIn will not track your location, although it will show your last known location on the app (from when the app was previously opened). It is important that users understand that StandIn is a location-based app. If a user does not want to be visible on the network, then potential clients will not be able to determine if the StandIn is at the right courthouse for an assignment. In addition, for increased privacy, past 7pm and prior to 7am, your location will not be updated on the app even if you open the app.

StandIn does not guarantee that any user will complete the appearance once a request has been accepted. However, if a StandIn does not show up for court, they risk being removed from the application and excluded from the network. Of course, if a StandIn fails to make an appearance, that will be reflected in their reviews. And, of course, the StandIn has professional responsibilities and could also face penalties from their relevant Bar Associations for failing to appear.

Lawyers who hire a StandIn can pay using their credit card. To process payments, StandIn has partnered with Stripe. If you are receiving payments on StandIn, you will have to set up a Stripe account. Once an appearance is completed, payment will be processed on the application. The money goes directly to the StandIn's Stripe account and it takes Stripe 7 days to deposit money into your bank account. We at StandIn believe in full transparency. We take a $7.50 transaction fee for every transaction and never a cent more.

In order to use the app, all users on StandIn must have the appropriate license in the state or province where they practice and have the right to appear on behalf of their clients. StandIn requires that all users use their LinkedIn profile to sign in. If a user does not have a LinkedIn profile, they will be screened through their email.

Reviews are based on a 5-star rating system. A review will be requested once the appearance is complete. Reviews are an important part of the process as it gives everybody feedback and strengthens the network. It is an opportunity to shed light on your experience with each other and allow for more transparency for other professionals using the application.

Yes, once a StandIn has been requested, you may contact each other through the application so the two parties can exchange information. However, users should not send confidential or privileged information over the app.

StandIn is currently live in Toronto, Detroit, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The service will be available in other jurisdictions shortly - if you would like your jurisdiction to be among the first we expand to, please send an email with all relevant information to

We encourage our members to communicate with us when there's a problem with a review. The first step is to contact the us at and we will try to resolve the problem.





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